The elastomeric membranes are used in the construction to reduce maintenance and ensure long-lasting quality. These double layered membranes consist of a base and finishing layer made of granules replacing the gravel used in asphalt membranes. Elastomeric membranes are typically installed using a blow torch. The process consists in melting the top and bottom layers to then merge them together in order to obtain one continuous membrane. Whether your need is for steel, wood or concrete bridging, whether it is ventilated, insulated or neither; we have the system to adapt to your situation. The elastomeric membrane is made to resist our harsh climate and is also adaptable to low-sloped or flat roofs.

Why choose an elastomeric membrane roof?

Choosing a roof that resists Quebec’s climate is important, but you should also consider choosing a material whose installation and repair can be done under different weather conditions. The elastomeric membrane roofs meet these essential qualities.

Essential qualities, which?

Elastomeric membrane roofs are becoming increasingly popular on Quebec roofs because they are affordable and have a shelf life of 30 to 35 years. They are known for their resistance to moisture and for their beautiful aesthetic finish.
The installation of the elastomeric membrane is done quickly and efficiently while providing a quality product.